Rainbow Light Foundation


Epiphany Press Specialist Publishing for the New Paradigm

Exploring Metaphysics, Quantum Science, Spiritual Awakening and the
multi-dimensional nature of consciousness.

The Emerald Alignment  -  Simple, Safe and Effective Self-Help

Releasing worry and anxiety.  Energy Alignment through the Emerald Ray.

Ribbons of Light Personal and Planetary Healing

A global Peace initiative with a weekly meditation focus.  We invite all to connect, in raising conscious awareness.

Outreach Projects  -  Community Links

Health Education.  Art and Music Therapy.  Dementia Care Programme.

Blog Forum  - A Meeting of Minds

The Divine Sciences – Astrology and Numerology, Meditation, Music, Toning, Creative Play, Nature, Earth Changes and Vibrational Healing.

Rainbow Light Foundation


Rainbow Light Foundation is a ‘not for profit’, non-denominational organisation founded by Carol Lamb and dedicated to promoting greater understanding of the soul sciences; the links between body, mind and consciousness.

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Updated March 2015

We offer a practical yet creative approach to life and living.



Rainbow Light Network

Rainbow Light  - Carol Lamb, Founder of Rainbow Light Foundation

Carol is a writer, teacher, healer and researcher into multi-dimensional consciousness.  This website is about specialist areas of her work.

Spiritual Alchemy  -  A 12 Step Programme of Practical Spirituality

Received Wisdom of the Ages.  Non-local, direct transmission of a higher stream of consciousness.

The Academy of Spiritual Sciences  - Integrating Science and Metaphysics

A comprehensive distance learning programme from Foundation to Quantum Light Therapist Training.

Paranormal Matters Radio - Freeing the mind from the prison of human perception.  A rich archive of radio shows covering fascinating topics related to multi-dimensional fields of consciousness .

Rainbow Light Foundation is a not-for-profit consortium of healers and teachers and is managed by Trustees who volunteer their services and fund the running of the organisation.

Any contribution enables this work to continue and is greatly appreciated.