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Global Peace Meditation



Ribbons of Light:  Blog Article

“We can unite in one mind, as citizens of planet earth.” Masaru Emoto

An article describing Ribbons of Light and the significance of meditating at the quarters of the clock - 3.00,  6.00,  9.00,  12.00

Ribbons of Light

provides an opportunity for like-minded people

to come together wherever they may be

to focus a collective energy of Peace through Meditation.

A Weekly Focus for Global Peace

Please connect in meditation during the coming week,

wherever you are and in your local time, for up to 15 minutes,

at any one of the hours of 

3.00,  6.00,  9.00,  12.00

to provide a positive flow of energy, assisting those in need around the world.

We invite you to join us for this meditation.

Simply close your eyes and join with us in sending
positive thoughts of Peace and Harmony worldwide.

You may accompany your meditation with The Peace Tones

Rainbow Light Foundation teaches a simple, safe and effective form of meditation:

Emerald Alignment Meditation

Click here to view a map of IRAN

Asking for a peaceful and constructive resolution for the highest good of all.

Current Focus

For one week from

Tuesday 3rd March 2015


The US, along with the UK, France, Germany, Russia and China are seeking to reach agreement with Iran to curtail its nuclear programme, in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.  The long negotiations are at a critical stage and March is a crucial month, with an outline agreement due on 31st March.  The US President believes there is "no good reason" not to negotiate with Iran and that negotiations provide better assurances than sanctions or military action. The Israeli Prime Minister is unhappy with President Obama’s position on this issue and, controversially, is addressing Congress on Tuesday 3rd March, to urge them to oppose a deal.  Mr Netanyahu faces domestic elections in two weeks' time and is not due to meet Mr Obama during his visit to the US.